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» Shahin «
  from Troy Yang 

This is a cool website. One of my best friend's name is Shahin. I don't like the idea that Shahin means "royal" falcon though. He's going to be a major pain in the butt when he reads that.

Thu 08 Feb 2007 03:52:20 AM EST

» hello «
  from Shahin 


Mon 29 Jan 2007 12:39:33 PM EST

» Shahin name «
  from Abdallah Shahin 

Yes our name means Falcon. My brother, Dr. Salem Shahin has a golf course in North Dakota named for the Falcon.

My father is the oldest man in Isreal. He is 116. He is Palestinian Christian Arab.

You have a nice looking family. We must be related!


Fri 15 Dec 2006 08:05:44 PM EST

» hi «
  from wazinah shahin 

hi i'm wazinah shahin and i'm 13 years old and my last name is shahin too and i'm arabic from the middle east
i just found this website by now and it was a surprise for me to find this website
and it was right that shahin (in arabic) means some like falcons
and it's nice of meeting you all esecialy for the people who made this website.

Thu 14 Dec 2006 05:41:04 PM EST

» NAme «
  from Shahin 

Hi myself shahin from india. But i dont know what shahin means. If u know can u put it in ur site.
By the way u have a nice family.

Shahin means Falcon. But more specifically it means “Royal Falcon”. The word Shah means king, so it refers to the king’s hunting falcons.

Wed 30 Aug 2006 04:34:08 AM EDT

» hello «
  from shahin 

Hi my name is shahin too. I found this website when I was 4 I think. I knew how to spell my name that time. I am 9 years old now. I'd like to see you. Bye.

Wed 26 Jul 2006 02:35:47 PM EDT

» hi «
  from Shahin islam 

hi dear shahin really i am so happy because i find your web site wow really you have massallah nice fameily ok take care of your kid? and your wife and about me i am from Bangladesh live in saudi arabia it's good ok bye ?

Fri 21 Jul 2006 06:58:19 PM EDT

» Howdy «
  from Shahin 

Hi my name is Shahin from Houston, TX. Originally from India. I thought I'd look up to see if it was vacant.. But since it's a world wide web.. it's first come first serve ;-) By the way, how did you get that as a last name, just out of curiosity? cuz Shahin is my first name.

PS. Lovely pictures of Italy and ofcourse the kids..

Shahin M

Wed 12 Jul 2006 04:41:33 PM EDT

» hello ! your site is very nice «
  from saeed 

Hello Shahin
I found your family website by chance. I am living in Iran , Dashte moghan in Parsabad city. You have done well in this site and you have very beautiful house. take care
for more information about our teritory please go to my website:

Thu 27 Apr 2006 01:10:45 AM EDT

» website «
  from Amani 

Hi... i work at a compny called Shahin! i was checking if this domain was taken so we can use it to our webiste.. but you were faster! :)
nice pictures!

Tue 28 Mar 2006 04:33:29 PM EST

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